Ten Things You Didn't Know About Texas Renters Insurance

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Texas Renters Insurance

Most homeowners get renters insurance, but many Texas renters don’t realize that they are responsible for their belongings if something were to happen to them. Luckily, it’s easy to protect yourself with help from the experts at Ten Insurance Group. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Texas renters insurance

Did you know we're rated A+ by A.M. Best?

Allstate Insurance is proud to be an A+ rated insurance company. An A+ rating means that Allstate has met or exceeded rigorous financial standards set by one of America's leading financial rating companies, A.M. Best. With Allstate, you're in good hands. At Allstate, we believe that if we can provide our customers with great service and competitive prices, then they'll come back to us time and time again! We know that an excellent customer experience should not just be a byproduct of your policy - it should be part of your policy! If you live in, or will be renting a home in Texas soon and want inexpensive renters insurance from a top-rated insurance company like Allstate, call us at (281) 597-4444 today!

Did you know it's easy to add renters insurance to your policy online?

Did you know if there's a fire, your renters insurance will pay for up to $10,000 of your property loss?

Most people don’t realize that renters insurance is often a better deal than homeowners insurance. As mentioned, if you have a fire or some other disaster, your renters insurance will pay for up to $10,000 of your property loss (and a number of other things). If you have a simple homeowner's policy with $5000 of contents coverage and another $5000 in liability coverage, only half of your property loss would be covered. That can be an expensive oversight. So what are you waiting for? Get quick & easy online rental insurance quotes right now!

Did you know if someone steals your stuff, your renters insurance will pay for it?

Yes, renters insurance will cover stolen goods up to $1,000. It’s not like a deductible that you pay before your coverage kicks in (we’ll get to that in a minute). This means that you only need to file one claim to recoup all of your losses. And since renters insurance is so cheap and easy to get, it makes sense not just for tenants, but even for landlords who have homes listed on Airbnb or similar platforms. If something goes missing from an Air BnB rental, it can be hard for landlords and tenants alike to determine who should replace what.

Did you know once you have renters insurance, don't leave home without it?!

There are some things that your renters insurance policy covers that you might not have thought about. Do you know how to get a rental car when yours is damaged? Or how to get help with moving costs if there's an apartment fire? Do you know how to make a claim if you have jewelry stolen? With renters insurance, none of these things are a problem. When it comes time to start looking for a new apartment, consider getting renters insurance early in your search; it takes a little time for claims to be paid, so having renters insurance at move-in is critical.

Did you know most people can save hundreds on their home owners policies by adding renters insurance?

Adding renters insurance could save you hundreds on your home owners policy. Most people don’t realize that you can often add renters insurance to your existing home owners policy for less than $20 a month, and in some cases only about $15! For example, if you had a $300,000 home you insured for $1,000 per year, adding an additional $100k in coverage would cost only about $15 more per month. That’s roughly 10 cents a day—not much more than what it costs to get a fancy latte from Starbucks! Adding added coverage will not significantly raise your premium if at all.

Did you know in addition to liability coverage, most policies cover other types of losses as well?

Water, wind and theft are all types of losses that most renters insurance policies cover. Most policies also offer coverage for liability claims, which can be helpful if someone is injured in your home. If you’re thinking about getting a policy but aren’t sure where to start, we recommend going online to get an idea of how much you might be paying and what kind of coverage is available. There are several sites that allow you to compare prices and offers from different companies quickly and easily. Getting your renters insurance online is easy, quick, and usually quite affordable.

Did you know there are many options available beyond standard renters policies?

Standard renter's insurance policies typically only provide $2,500 to $5,000 worth of coverage per incident. Many basic policies will also not cover damage that occurs after you leave your home -- such as if a burglar steals your belongings while you're on vacation. If you want additional protection, there are many other options available beyond standard renters policies. For example, many renters can buy so-called floater policies to help them rebuild their homes if they're destroyed by fire or floods. Some companies offer replacement cost coverage, which means they will reimburse you for purchasing an exact replica of what was lost in a covered event, such as a fire or burglary.

Did you know when applying for an auto loan, some lenders will require renters insurance as part of their approval process?

If you want to get an auto loan, you may have to prove you have renters insurance. If you don’t, your lender may require that you buy a policy before they can approve your loan. The same is true if your landlord requires it before he or she will rent to you. If you need to purchase renters insurance and are looking for a quick and easy way to do so, give us a call! Our expert agents are here 24/7 with information on homeowners insurance and renters insurance policies in over 20 states – including Texas!

Did you know if you rent out a room in your house (like on Airbnb), the renter is covered under your policy too?!

Ten things you didn’t know about renters insurance. Here are ten tidbits you may not have heard before: * Homeowners and renters insurance cover most of your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged, but only up to certain limits. The more valuable your possessions, and higher your deductible (the amount you pay out-of-pocket for repairs), the more expensive it gets. * Both home and renters policies include a liability provision that pays for bodily injury or property damage you cause to someone else—but only up to certain limits. If a visitor to your house is injured in an accident that wasn’t his fault, like slipping on a wet floor, he could file a lawsuit against you.